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Massaging the body and caressing the soul

Massaging the body and caressing the soul

Let the combination of sensitive touch, aroma and relaxing music relax your body and boost your inner spirit. Composition and methods of the massage draws from Classic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Rebalancing Massage, Reflexology Massage and other massaging techniques. Strong emphasis is put on carefully chosen music, which accompanies the sessions and heightens the effects of the massage. The intensity of the massage therapy is adjusted according to the customer’s preference, ranging from gentle energy massage to deep tissue techniques. Natural oils and essences are used during the massage. At the start of each session, client is interviewed about his overall health and desired effects of the massage therapy to determine range and type of employed techniques.

Osho said about massage: “Massage is one of the most subtle arts – and it is not only a question of expertise. It is more a question of love.

Relaxation Massage Therapy Deeply relaxing full body (head included) massage with emphasis on spine and problematic areas determined from the preliminary interview. The massage is composed of selected methods from various massage techniques. Passive movements are used for relaxation and mobilization of the joints. The muscles and organs are indirectly influenced through the stimulation of reflex points on the feet and other areas of the body. The goal of this massage therapy is to relief the client of physical and psychic tension getting the body to the state of overall relaxation and calmness which enables self-healing processes to begin.

Music Therapy Massage – the dance of hands on your body Relaxing full body massage based on the interaction of clients personality, his current mood and music. The massage therapy is based on the Relaxation Massage, but stronger emphasis is put on intuition and improvisation. You can bring your favorite record, or choose from our selection of music. In this massage the music plays a leading role inspiring rhythm, style and intensity of the massage. This narrow connection of massage and music enables client to experience the music through touch of masseuse’s hands and provides a unique combination of Massage and Music therapy. This massage can provide unexpected and inspiring results, from deep relaxation to the state of euphoria and releasing of hidden or suppressed emotions. Everything is determined by the choice of the accompanying music and your willingness to let yourself experience the emotions as they come.

Energizing Massage Therapy – awakening of inner spirit Do you feel tired and without energy? Try this energizing full body massage. In the first part of this massage selected areas are relaxed after which follows an activating massage. The massage is composed of various massaging techniques (including passive movements for mobilization and relaxation of joints and stimulation of reflex points on the feet and other areas of the body). The goal of this massage is to release of the muscle tension and subsequent awakening of your sleeping inner energy.

I approach massages with great respect and perceive them as a form of both physical and psychic therapy with a deep impact on the condition of body and soul. Each massage lasts approximately one hour including the preliminary interview. Reservation has to be made prior to the session at the hotel reception. I’ll bring all the necessary equipment. Don’t hesitate to contact me in case of any additional questions. The price of massage is 800,- CZK/hour.

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